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Baguio Motors Motorcycle Rentals is the only motorbike rental in town. All of our Bikes are new and good condition.

Motorcycle Rental Baguio City Call Now! “Smart” 0919 258 6017

“Globe” 0927 048 6907

Make reservations now for your motor bike now. We deliver to your hotel! Visit our website for Motorcycle Rental Baguio City,

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Motorcycle Rental

Traveling and commuting can really be annoying especially if time is of the essence. Imagine having only less than a week to visit and see all the things you want. It is really annoying when you have to think about the traffic. So if you need to go to your destination as fast as possible, why not rent a motorcycle?

Renting a motorbike in Baguio city is a fun and easy way to reach your travel destination. Imagine having to sit for hours riding a car, van, or bus in a traffic-congested street or highway. With a motorcycle you can drive easily even on some busy streets or traffic-congested highway. You never have to miss an important work meeting or miss getting to the local museums, art galleries or theater on time!

Make Reservations today

Motorcycle rentals start at 500 PHP per day. We have free delivery when you rent a bike for 3 days or more. (delivery 200 PHP)

“Smart” 0919 258 6017 “Globe” 0927 048 6907